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Friday, October 24, 2008

DPI and US Telco execs

While I actually got the time to write for once in a blue moon, I might as well throw in some other news as well. It's a presentation written by Jon Linden, a veep at procera. (Disclaimer: Procera is also where I happen to work, so please apply a grain of salt)

What makes it interesting is that it's a presentation aimed at higherups at telcos and presented at USTelecom Business Executive Forum. I doubt that there's a unified angle for the (traffic management) DPI industry when it comes to pushing features and agendas, so I couldn't really call this a view of the industry.

Nonetheless, this is one take on it and it's a pretty short read. Go for the speaker notes first, the presentation doesn't make as much sense without them.


Sorry, HOW much?

While reading the new TLD application announcement at ICANN, most of the announcement looked like one would expect it to. One thing, however...

The total fee per applicant takes into account close to $US13 million invested by ICANN since October 2007 to put the design of the implementation program in place. It includes allocated staff time, direct consulting expenses and other fixed costs. This cost will be allocated across the new gTLD applications until it is reclaimed and amounts to $US26,000.

13 million USD for that? Okay - there's more than you see beneath the surface here, for sure. 200 pages, six languages, lawyers, translators and whatnot involved, no doubt - but 13 million?

I'm in the wrong line of work, obviously.